Client References

“Nancy Baughman is a talented professional with extensive experience in human resources and operations management. Her attributes include extraordinary patience, listening, discretion, and thoughtfulness. Hire Nancy for the tough jobs requiring a high level of skill and tact, and thank her for the results.”

Hollis McGuire

Nashua/Manchester Area Regional Director, Small Business Development Center

“I have been working with Nancy over the last ten years both on non-profit boards and one-on-one consultations. She has an amazing ability to put her finger on the essential of any situation. Then she looks for problem resolution. She is creative, positive and fun. Her interpersonal skills are significant. I cannot imagine she would get stuck in any human interaction. She also understands and has skills to deal with group dynamics. As an external HR and business consulting partner for start-ups and small businesses she brings knowledge of the job market, hiring practices and the ability to find exceptional talent and consultation on general HR and business practices. Given the opportunity, I’d work with her again without hesitation.”

Cornelia Eschborn

Owner & Principal, Life Journey Planning Center

“I have known Nancy since 1995 as we have been in several professional organizations together. I had the satisfaction of placing her with one of my clients as the Vice President of Administration in a charter airline business. Her skills at understanding issues were invaluable to this client as she pursued answers to his questions surrounding employee benefits, financial issues and dealing with several states on tax issues. Her varied experience comes from many years of working at small to mid-sized companies. These companies required many hats to be worn by one person. She demonstrated this experience to that client and they benefited from the global insight she had of their entire operation.”

Brenda Hodgkiss

Owner, Brenda Hodgkiss, CPA

“Sky-Skan, Inc. currently employees over 40 people worldwide. We are not large enough to require a full-time human resources manager; however, Nancy has been our “on-call” HR Business Partner for the last ten years. She has developed job descriptions, a performance evaluation system, walked us through hiring and termination procedures and developed an employee manual tailored to our specific company culture. When we have employee relations issues, we turn to her for advice. She has coached our managers through some difficult situations. It has been extremely valuable to have her with us when the circumstances call for a calming influence. She has a strong knowledge of human resources and how small companies function. We turn to her when we need advice and/or hands-on help and are always pleased to find she has a solution for just about all of our day-to-day challenges.”

Virginia Savage

Vice President, Sky-Skan, Inc.

Job Seeker References

Thank you once again for your help during my recent job search. As you know, last week I started as VP of Operations for a great company with terrific people, products, and opportunities. Your assistance helped make the search process that much more enjoyable.

Dan M.

I was talking with a member of our networking group today who said that you are one of the few recruiters who can be relied upon to do a good job – and to be fair and direct about a candidate’s prospects. No small compliment, I’d say. Not as easy a job being a recruiter as some might think, is it.

George M.

You have no idea how much I appreciate this. Not many people will act this way, many are more interested in “filling the role” than helping a person fulfill their long-term goal or potential. I really appreciate your help, I am so glad I came across you along my job search. I just thought I had to let you know this and that you are actually helping me out, especially by giving me this advice, because that is in fact my dream job, yet I seem to be unsure of what to do “fresh out of the gate.”

Amanda A.