Do You REALLY Want to Know?

I often wonder where the line is between providing helpful feedback to a job seeker and totally wasting my time.

On a regular basis, I post job openings and receive resumes from candidates who are in no way, even remotely qualified for the position.

Some of these applicants take the time to tell me why they feel they are qualified. For example:

• Ten years of work experience supervising cashiers at a big chain store makes them perfectly qualified to be a Tax Accountant. CPA required apparently means nothing to them.

• A recent high school graduate feels that because his father was a computer programmer, he should be considered for the role of CTO. No, not his father, the high school graduate.

• Oddly enough this is a very common thread…”My mother was head of human resources for twenty years, therefore I have the background you are seeking for the HR Generalist position.”

• I’m not sure how someone else’s work experience is transferable, but I hear this quite often.

• A Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and five years of experience designing printed circuit boards means this person is the perfect candidate for a high level Executive Administrative Assistant role.

I understand times are tough, and some people are desperate and others are just trying to make their quota of job applications for the week…but do I really have to answer them?

I’d like to think that if you don’t know what a CPA is that you already know you are not a Tax Accountant.

Perhaps if we could get the word out that a cover letter is mandatory or at least a note saying, “I know this job isn’t for me, but I’d like to get on your radar for other positions” my life would be so much easier. And, I’m always happy to try to help those who are trying to help themselves.